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Thread: Windowed mode, Black screen

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    Default Windowed mode, Black screen

    When I launch the game in windowed mode, often the game window turn to black.
    Is there a fix ?

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    don't run pstale.exe
    run game.exe

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    Same result.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pristonroots View Post
    Same result.
    Right click and run as admin
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    Already tried, still get black. I think it must be directx issue.

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    Default rune pstale.exe / in Settings choose Resolution: High

    rune pstale.exe / in Settings choose Resolution: High
    several graphic cards doesn't supports Low option
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    The High setting is setup by default.
    That's not it.

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    I disabled windows 10 transparency and animations, it seems to work now.
    Thank you for help
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