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Thread: Class question, coming back after 14 years

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    Default Class question, coming back after 14 years

    I've played PT when like 15-14 years ago and I kind of felt nostalgic so I want to come back.
    I can see there were a lot of changes including generl overhaul of skills for all classes

    That beeing said I have a few questions - would appreciate any feedback on them.

    1. I used to play a knight, but I can see it's not a viable character as it's mediocre compared to Fighter/Pike/Mech/Mage/Priestess
    I really like him since it was goo overall - but will I have any problems right now? Brandish used to get rid of a lot of mobs pretty easily but how is it in late game?

    2. Going back to knight - is Holy Valor damage boost fixed for normal monsters as well? I've read about it somewhere but I can't find official confirmation

    3. How is assasin faring? It seems pretty nice but I feel like it doesn't have a strong AOE to clear mob packs. What about survi and overall dmg (dmg seems high but that's on paper, so I want an experienced opinion ;p)

    4. Is archer still as weak as it used to be? Or was it buffed somehow?

    5. I like PvE - but hate mages XD Priest is exception as it's heal/support which I like. What class would you recommed? I've read about cons/pros for Fighter, Pike, Mage, Priest and Knight, but what about other classes? Ata, Archer, Shaman???? (that's new to me) also - Martial Artist? Is it worth at all? It's ne newest class, right?

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    Hey there, please join the Priston tale Discord server here the link:

    This forum is pretty dead but the discord is alive
    Tha pike =)

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