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Thread: Submitting Falsified Ticket Claims

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    Default Submitting Falsified Ticket Claims


    We would like to take this time to advise players that we expect all players to submit accurate reports when sending in support tickets. Submitting falsified claims (lying about items being lost, lying about players breaking the rules, etc.) breaks our official Terms and Service which will not only result in the suspension of your account, but a note will be put on your account to deny support to you and all your accounts under ALL circumstances. We hope that everyone takes this into consideration and is helpful with the transition with the new Game Masters.

    We would appreciate everyone's support and compliance.

    Best Regards,
    GM Team

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    Default They are ****ing scammers

    wtf.................... !!!!

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    ami se me han perdido varias cosas me llega son recuperables al miembro solo kereos eventos xk esta aburrido el juegopongan los eventos esta desolado el juego de una vez el calendario de setiembre

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