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Thread: Issues related to Ver3217.

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    Default Issues related to Ver3217.

    Hi, Dear new GM.
    Since you wouldn't use Discord at the moment, the only way to contact to you is through this forum again.
    Here are some issues occured after today's new patch.

    1.I'm not sure how this occured, after the monster dead, it automatically generated Purus, not sure which type of monster in particular. Please fix this if you are willing to.

    2. Also, we need the new Yagditha Summon Scroll and Midranda(Temple) Summon Scroll.
    link from:

    3. Like Spooky used to contact to Masang about the selection function from Item Distributor, is this still in progress coz we urgently need this function and we've been waited for a long time.

    4. Back in Feb of 2017 when Masang updated this map, they also introduced the Weapon Awakenging System. Can you let masang to look forward onto this matter as well. Otherwise this new set of gear is meaningless to get AGED.
    Source link:
    Weapon Awakening System link:

    5. About the new Ricarten Town. It's been a long time as well.

    Thanks for your patience.
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    It would always be nice if you address some things, like letting people know on wether you would replace items that fail when using Super Aging Stone like Spoopy did in the past or not, and what days would you be doing tickets etc, cuz some people have tickets going on for 2 weeks now without a reply, i myself have one going on since the 26th of August too.

    and what is going to happen with hackers? There is a priest called GraceDisgrace who's been 1shotting mobs in TOA using chain lightning and 1shotting people during Bless Castle with the same skill, along this pike called llDuyenthrill ..

    there is no point of having Xigncode if you let those wonder around, sure did Xigncode stop most hackers, but there sure is a way to stop this person using the anti-cheat, you guys pay for it, make it work properly at least.


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    Default missing items in TOA

    it seems vambance is missing from the loot list in new map

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