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    I've often wondered if this is a bug or not, but WD poisons like stalling poison I would assume are fixed damage. If this were the case, why does agony bug not increase there damage? So far from what I can tell is that agony bug only increases auto-attack damage, MA fist skill damage, souleater bug, and Combo damage. Maybe someone could tell me.

    Among any skills in the game, they seem to be the ones that are broken and don't work correctly. But if they are working as intended, I think it needs to be changed. Letting modifiers like agony bug, withered earth, or %damage to job onyx increase the poison damage seems reasonable to make their damage at least scale a bit better.

    It just doesn't make sense to me that the skills are fixed in their damage and even the methods of increasing fixed damage do not work.

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    Argony bug is not a fixed dmg skill,
    The skill are work by giving a debuff to enemy to increasing dmg of 'fixed dmg skill' that we cast after we use this skill..
    The debuff stay for 30 sec (10 sec for player) and doesnt work for boss..
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    Agony Bug increases damage from fixed-damage and normal attacks, yes.

    Despite poison dealing fixed amounts of damage, it's not direct damage; It's a damage over time (DoT) debuff.

    DoT debuffs such as Menacing Moo and Bloodthirsty Bug aren't considered Poison but still fall under the same category as the mentioned skills.

    Withered Earth and Job Onyx also only apply to direct damage dealt like normal attacks or skills (Magic and Physical). Job reduction onyx and Damage Reduction Mods won't apply to DoT debuffs or fixed-damage, either.
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