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Thread: Maintenance for September 10th has concluded

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    Default Maintenance for September 10th has concluded

    Maintenance has concluded and we've applied a patch:
    -Fixed Town God Temple Raid cooldown message
    -Level 70 sets now display orbs when equipped
    -Added new titles to Yinlong and Fireworks Prestige Shop
    -Changed dialogue of Gold Statue NPC in Eversun City so that it clearly indicates how donating gold to the statue grants players weekly server EXP boosts.
    -Details about items being added to item mall coming soon

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    Lightbulb Issue (Steam)

    Heya o/

    Ever since the maintenance, we can't login.
    "Version check failed, please update your game"
    But we can't update it since Steam doesn't have any update for it.
    Can't login.

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