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Thread: Showing the name of the deleted item

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    Exclamation Showing the name of the deleted item

    Showing the name of the item, weapon being deleted, while this feature may seem unnecessary or just not needed at all, many players often delete something accidentally whether by miss-clicking or not realizing which gun you've clicked to destroy or sell. This is especially frustrating when destroying, or selling 8 star weapons, and the states that "Suba Games Support does not restore lost or destroyed items in the case of accidental trading, selling or deletion". They also make no guarantee that they'll resend you the item even if your condition is unique and special, including the name of the item being deleted in the confirmation would greatly help users when determining which item they have selected to delete and this would also help reduce the tickets of players asking for destroyed items. Benefiting both the players and employees greatly for a small change in the game.
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    Belive or not, i deleted a permanent hoOsYourDaddy melee by a mistake. Sad but true

    So, i got you. A loooot of people already ask for that. Hope they (Suba) hear us this time.
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