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Thread: Maintenance for September 17th has concluded

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    Default Maintenance for September 17th has concluded

    Weekly Maintenance has concluded and players may log back in.

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    so bored ...
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    So bored...
    Let's play a game, you guess a number between 1 and 1000.
    You have 72 hours from now.
    The closest guess win 4 raidents.

    (number generated by google rand)
    IGN Rosrok

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    Well, who is going to play my riddicoulous game when killing 6 mini-boss gives you a dozen of raident (on third eye, yeah).

    Do you think tops gonna play for 4 raidz ? They use it for sure, but, they have a such insane amount of richeses that they prefer feeding the couragious dude setting a shop in ricarten.

    So, what else ?

    New players would have jumped in the game, if only, it was a new player base !
    Strictly impossible because without a certain someone, the game install is tottaly broken for weeks as I see.

    Guys jump up in the game, guess it!
    IGN Rosrok

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;935493
    Weekly Maintenance has concluded and players may log back in.
    Zen Dragoon you sucks!!

    this game is so boring now!! bring back the event pls just like spoopy did!

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    As much as I loved Spooks as a GM, I and many other had been saying that we where spoiled as a community getting an event a week. You need to remember this is a hardcore grinding game and not supposed to be a game where you get everything you need from events. I am personally glad to see no events for a while, this will help re-balance the market. Remember being 6x-10x and when we needed gold we would spend days farming raids in Oasis to sell to the 11x-12x for like 30kk??? Bring back those days I say.

    I do agree that we need some things cleared up from the new GMs in regards to things that Spooks did for us eg: If we age an item with SAS or SCO and it fails will new GMs restore like Spooks did?? Would be good to know that before people go breaking new Abyss items, it would also be good to hear what the GMs will do about the hackers in game.

    Like many other I have invested a lot of time and money in this game and we don't want to see it go to waste or the game to become unplayable. I think we need to give the new GMs time to work out the game. Anyway that is my 2 cents.

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    Yes we are a bit spoiled, but, the game is a desert, no more parties until 11x. Grinding is ok but grinding alone make no sense.
    IGN Rosrok

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