This might be a bit late in the DOMO life cycle to suggest but... it's better than nothing.

DOMO is primarily a team game. However the team aspect is faint or non existant in the low lvl community, mainly due to the fact that finding 6 members to fill out different roles has always been a daunting task. Newer players eventually give up on team searching a few days/weeks into playing.

My suggestion here is to help newbies out by increasing the experience for main quest or even releasing new experience stones to help with leveling up. This idea comes from the fact that the modern day MMOs have you follow the main storyline to reach either max level or close to it. Current rewards for Chasm Trials/Force of Infinite Knowledge are pretty laughable, even the mission 7 reward of a gold weapon is pretty useless (in todays standards) and the only reason you may complete main quest is for the lv 61 potential development (which btw can be done through two other methods.)

The ideal goal for this would be lv 60 by mission 7 (on multiple classes if we go the exp stone route). I suggest 2-3 classes because the main role archtypes in the game currently rely on a main class with atleast one strong attacking sub and for solo play, strong doc subs.

TLDR: Main questline sucks, use exp stones to get lvls for various ranges or super boost current exp payouts.


Also.. DOMO Anniversary title should be in the anniversary box (fight me beyond the grave spooks).