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Thread: Lost connect server while aging ( lost item ) -_-

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    Default Lost connect server while aging ( lost item ) -_-


    I am back PT after 2 years withtout play.

    I decide to age my stuff, during the process of aging, i get d/c and i lost my stuff -_-

    I remember that I had already disconnected in the past.

    Who has already been disconnected while he agged his stuff ?

    How is it possible that the bug (aging disconnected) is still present after so many years?

    Can you fixe this bug please ?
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    Default It’s bugged, don’t age right now.

    It’s been bugged since Tuesday’s maintenance. It will dc you EVERY time right now so don’t try and age until they fix it.

    Like years past there is still a chance even when’s it’s working for it to bug out, so remember to take SS and make a ticket if you lose something important.

    But yeah long story short, don’t age right now, it will dc you every time.

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