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Thread: Maintenance for October 1st has concluded

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    Default Maintenance for October 1st has concluded

    Weekly Maintenance has concluded and players may log back in. We have applied a small patch that unfortunately doesn't fix some of the bugs that players have reported to us these past couple of weeks (We are working to have them corrected by next week's patch), but we have an item mall update that relates to today's patch.

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    Default Pristontale abandoned?

    Hello GMZenDragon,

    Good for DOMO they get new patches. However, Pristontale seems to be completely neglected by Subagames. We have since two weeks Watermelons roaming on all servers (without any notification). And since yesterday, according to the Facebook, we have 'free aging' event. Yet, everyone gets disconnected while aging and it's not for free..

    I guess I speak for the Pristontale community that this is not a way to tread your players. Players are leaving to private servers and people are getting frustrated and pissed by the whole situation. We realise you (or anyone else from Subagames) are new to this game and we don't expect you to immediately be an expert on managing a new game (while already managing several others). But at least a little bit more communication from your side would already do the trick for most of the Pristontale players.

    Hope to hear from you.


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    p.s. most players of the Pristontale community are on Discord. We don't expect you to join this discord server, if you don't want to. Just communicate your ideas and issues with SunnyZ (former forum/discord operator of Pristontale under GMSpooky) and he can help you with issues related to the game and assist you by transmitting the information/updates to the players on discord. Just a suggestion which might ease up the work!
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