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Thread: Looking for a game like DOMO

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    Question Looking for a game like DOMO

    Hi everyone,

    I have been playing Dream of Mirrors online since Aeria games published it. I have been on and off this game for a long time now. I really enjoy it but now I'm looking for an other game that ressembles DOMO in the combat system and atmosphere. I was looking for a game with a little more fresh look in graphics.

    I would be open to any suggestions !

    Hi I'm a Domo player and fan. Server: Pandora.

    My characters: TheWise, MiniAlex add me! :3

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    what about grand fantasia?

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    I'm not sure you'll find any equivalence in newer games; as DOMO is a hybrid between 2nd and 3rd generation MMOs.. (and last games are more 4th gen).
    Between the 2nd generation of MMo there's a bunch of game with similarities (as they are mostly sandboxes and generally you don't get exp or items drops limitations linked to levels => in DOMO we got a bit of limitation on exp size, but not as much hard as in newer games).
    About the multi class system of DOMO, it seems it's quite unique; there's not as much game that let you freely mix class and let you level all class to the max level at the same time).

    The best is certainly to test a bunch of game and see if something is compatible with your own guts. It can be something really different from domo, but with a nice community for example.

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    Final Fantasy XIV

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    Try maybe aura kingdom. A bit different system but better graphically , but stick to the japenese anime style like domo with tons of perms too.

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    Red face Arigato

    Thank you all for your answers. Was super busy before. But I'll definitely check aura kingdom and FF XIV.
    Hi I'm a Domo player and fan. Server: Pandora.

    My characters: TheWise, MiniAlex add me! :3

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