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Thread: Need help with Fraud Quest (Dreary Undead)

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    Default Need help with Fraud Quest (Dreary Undead)

    I somehow talked to Fraud (at lv35) and got this quest called Dreary Undead, which is not listed in the website or anywhere, I did some search and found a little information about it in Patch 3190 Notes.
    I have been at the spawn point showed in the thread and farming for an hour, I got a Mekhist which gave me 12k gold but no Slayer.
    Screenshot (8).jpg
    So do that Slayer have anymore info like spawn time or something? Do I have to wait more or anything else I need to do to finish this quest.
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    From what I've seen, the quest bosses spawn at the same time as the other bosses and it seems to make no difference where in the map you are. They'll appear just about anywhere. If you see one of the normal bosses, just look around for your quest boss.

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