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Thread: Pet Exchange Event for November 28th

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    Default Pet Exchange Event for November 28th

    Pet Trade-In Event

    Join GM_ZenDragoon today on Thursday, November 28th at 2:00 PM EST for our next limited pet trade-in event! When the event begins, GM_ZenDragoon will announce an Entry Character in Eversun City about half hour before the official event begins at approximately 2:30 PM EST, so show up at 2:00 PM EST to sign up. Once players are notified of the entry character, players must whisper that character to qualify for the Pet Exchange event! The first 50 lucky players to whisper the Entry Character will be able to trade in any 3 pets for the Original, SE1, SE2, SE3, SE4, SE5, SE6, SE7, SE8, SE9*** SE10*** SE11*** SE12*** SE13*** pet of their choice once the event officially begins around 3:30 PM EST. From there, players must wait patiently for the GM's to go through the list of players.

    1) Any 3 pets may be traded in for any 1 Level 11 Original, SE1-SE8 pet with these exceptions:
    (a) No kukus or dragons
    (b) Players can not exchange for Kuku's, Dragons or any pets on the above list
    (c) 1 Lily must be traded in alongside 2 other pets for any Lily
    (d) 1 Ruby must be traded in alongside 2 other pets for any SE Ruby, but any 3 pets can be traded in for an Original Ruby
    (e) For SE9, SE10, SE11 SE12 and SE13 pets, players can NOT use original metal pets. Something like this is acceptable for example: SE2 Metal, Original Sapphire, SE3 Jade for SE10 Sapphire
    2) Please know which pets you wish to exchange for before you are called to a GM to quicken the process. If you are not ready, the GM might pass up your turn and you might lose out on the opportunity to do the exchange.
    3) Once the designated character has been announced, players must whisper their entry ONCE to the designated player as quickly as possible. DO NOT excessively whisper the designated character. The GM's find this annoying and WILL disqualify you for hassling them. Also, DO NOT whisper the Entry account with questions because then it's more difficult to run the event and qualify people for the exchange.
    4) There is a limit of 50 people. Once there are 50 people queued, we will announce that we have stopped entries and will announce the participants.
    5) If the event concludes and your name was not called, we didn't forget you, we just only have room for 50 entrants. Out of respect for the qualifying people, please do not make a fuss in chat.

    1) GM will announce the name of the Entry Account and will say "Entrance process is now open" at 2:00 PM EST.
    2) After we collect 50 entries, we scan the accounts for any duplicate entries and other things that might determine if someone qualifies or not.
    3) Once GM's are ready to do the pet exchange, we teleport players to us to begin the transaction. Make sure that you have everything ready beforehand otherwise we will have to move to the next entrant.
    3) Please be quick when trading the GM and allow him to initiate the trade first just in case if the GM needs to make any quick preparations.
    5) Once the exchange is finished, the GM will warp you back to Eversun. Please do not ask the GM any questions and minimize the small talk as we have a lot of people to go through.

    Date: Thursday, November 28th at 2:00 PM EST
    Time: 2:00 PM EST for sign-up, 2:30 PM EST (approximately. Might be a bit later depending on how long it takes for us to prepare the list) for the exchange.

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    5 players were missed, including myself.
    No communication from the GM either other than the initial start time. We waited 2.5 hours then assumed the GM was offline and wouldn't come back.

    For the future, please at least announce when the event is officially over.

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    I send 4 second after GM system announce, and GM said all the register can join after the poll, i waited until 5pm EST but i didn't teleported by GM.
    No communication from GM with player, also no list when we will be called like pet exchange at august 2019. Pls you're healthy now, don't make us disappointed.

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