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Thread: Please update the Vanity Pet Treasure Box store list

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    Default Please update the Vanity Pet Treasure Box store list

    Hi GMs,

    Some of the newer vanity pets can't be stored onto the vanity pet treasure box:
    - Rich Pupu
    - Zoey
    - Jarima
    - Jim

    Can you please update the vanity pet treasure box list if it can made enough big to store them?

    Another question about dog vanities :
    - it seems they don't give bonus or the bonus is not displayed. Is that work as intended?


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    I am hoping they do update the storage, especially since Zoey, Jirima, and Jim are stat boosters and are also even in TW.

    The dog vanities supposedly increase HP regeneration, so the only way to notice is to have lowered HP, and count the differences in the ticks.

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    Thanks for adding Zoey, Jim and Jarima to the vanity pet treasure box.

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