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Thread: Server Down?

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    Default Server Down?

    It looks like the server is down; Saturday isn't a maintenance day, correct?

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    Default No game info!?

    I've been trying to get in for 2 days now and keep getting this message:

    "Failed to connect to the server. Please check the announcement on our home page."

    I've looked all over for "The Announcement" and can't find anything …. WHATS UP WITH THE GAME!?

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    I don't know but I did send a ticket. Instead, I played PT for half an hour or so and then did other things.

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    Default Ticket!!?

    Yah, I did that too and that did NOTHING WHAT SO EVER! I've had all I'm gunna take … I'm out, PERIOD.

    I've had nothing but grief from the game for the past week and had all I'm gunna take, SO, BYE BYE. I'm deleting ALL the Suba game files and leaving. I'll find a new game that actually works, without all the problems there are in this one and it wont be a suba game.

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