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    Hi all.
    I remember talking about the bad attitude that SUBAGAMES has towards us, and I want to be very specific about this point: although it is true that not all players recharge or buy cash (SP) many if we do and allow me to include myself in this and based on that being able to say these words with right and much disappointment and anger. SUBAGAMES does not care about anything other than its own economy, taking advantage of many players who enjoy this game to attract profits with cash sales (SP) and not invest in a good service to satisfy us as players and to obtain better income as company. and let's be honest who could spend on a game that the same company doesn't care about. It is a total disrespect for his silence on the part of his GM staff, of his administrators when he does not pronounce on the complaint of many players about the deficiencies that the game suffers at the moment.
    therefore I invite people, to not buy more cash, do not invest money, do not spend money on this game that is dying, in this game that SUBAGAMES has already made it clear that it does not give a ****. Personally, I will not invest more money in this. and if the other players want to see improvements, the solution is not to continue wasting money on this, until SUBAGAMES understands that it cannot treat us as it pleases and begins with the improvements, and its GM staff can pronounce on this. Teriakiexpress published a calendar of events that to date does not take effect, this being the second consecutive week in which SUBAGAMES makes fun of us again and does nothing to solve it. POSTATA: "PEOPLE, DON'T BUY MORE CASH" SUBAGAMES DOESN'T DESERVE A CENTAVO FROM US.

    13x Pikeman
    IGN: xxxVNxxx

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    It's been like this for almost a decade I don't know how you're just figuring this out now.

    Servers for PT are dirt cheap to upkeep, they're just reeling in that oil lord $ for as long as they can while SunnyZ basically runs their game for them.

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    There sure need to change a lot... Better Anti cheat.. So many hackers now on Pt.. and many hacked items.. And giving the players events so they shut up dont work... Its all SAM fault... he spends to many time and money on Hookers

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    They never read it

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