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    Default My ERROR AO

    Hello I have yhis error when im launch a game after login.

    error AO.jpg

    Thnk's or ur help, and i have windows 10

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    Usually when I see that it's some kind of game file error. Try reinstalling the game, preferably in a different location.

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    I have resintall game, format computer and not work.

    But i have found why after 8h working on the bug

    I have 2 screens.
    I remove one and now it's work.

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    If you did not figure out the solution to this problem, nobody would have ever figured it out, ever. I have the same issue and haven't been able to get in for months now. I unplugged one of my monitors and suddenly the game works again. I'm truly impressed, and have no idea how you managed to come to the conclusion that having a secondary monitor was the problem.

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    Yes error is because i have 2 monitor.

    But i have not understand all, im french sorry !

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