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Thread: To any Gm who reads this today

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    Default To any Gm who reads this today

    Servers are online.. but we cant log in... Go do your job and solve this ****

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    Is it so hard for you Gm and Tech guy's to run it like its should be.. It looks like Suba is run by Retards now...And you all should stop sucking Sams wiener and focus on your job... We all know you get paid like its child labour.. But come on.. we pay for the game.. So do your F.U.C.K.I.N.G job...

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    This is just such a bad Management...

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    You are all a bunch of retard mongols at Suba.. Pls go **** your self... Such a bad management.. Even a Blind Pig would do a better job then you peeps do there.. I hope you all have a **** X-Mass..and ending up whit a finger in your ass that makes you bleed.. And screaming you did a better job at suba.. Retards..

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    In our country we have a Farm special for you peeps ( retards) where you can hug animals all day and get love from them.. mayby that would be a great thing for Suba.. Visit such a farm.. Have a Retard party whit suba staff at a animal farm.. So you finaly get some love...

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    there is only one conclusion: Suba is run by retards and people who dont have brains..

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    They even give some power to MVP, yeah, Most Value Player. To easy using hack

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    Quote Originally Posted by JostiNL View Post
    This is just such a bad Management...
    I think you don't know why they do not reply you. Because most of people can login in game as normal, except you.

    I also guess that you use an internet service with dynamic IP address, and you are now using a lock IP address (in the black list). Please try to turn off your modem , wait around 5-10 minutes and turn on again, to get another IP address.

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