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Thread: Discord Server Wipe (thanks GM -_-)

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    Default Discord Server Wipe (thanks GM -_-)

    As some people probably have noticed today GM_ZenDragon had the brilliant idea of giving everyone a final Christmas present by kicking everyone out of the fan made LH Discord server that was home to a lot of people that liked to still chat about the game and old times or even just keep in touch from time to time. Extremely disrespectful and ****ing random and pointless especially since the server was unofficial and ran by players like me and others and GMs only had powers to help with events in the past. Like what is even wrong with you? SMH.
    The game is closing down, congrats, but butt out of the community.

    I am remaking the server and hopefully we can get most people back in.

    If you’re interested this is the invite link, feel free to share it around:

    Merry Christmas, you filthy animal

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    Although I had a good laugh, that's a bit of a **** move. Granted the game doesn't have much time left, that doesn't change the fact perhaps the community wanted to stick around, together.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Briynhildr View Post
    Although I had a good laugh, that's a bit of a **** move. Granted the game doesn't have much time left, that doesn't change the fact perhaps the community wanted to stick around, together.
    I mean I was the first to trash on the game and the community too, but yeah dismantling it for no reason is mean spirited no matter what. The server was still a great source of occasional fun.

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    Angry Welcome to suba games home of terrible management

    TBH I'm mainly mad at the fact that you deleted my Comment which was clearly saying the truth indicating a future shut down which you guys still have not announced but hey sorry that you guys are slow on announcing it and others have to but lets move on from this and get to something worse you did so lets get to that now I hope you know normally Managements give warning to the players about a shut down so they have time to create a new discord so other ways for the community can keep in touch even if it was an official run discord server? this was just such a wrong move on so many levels too just kick people without warning
    Even if its just a copy pasted message I really hope you at least go message the new discord link to all the players you randomly unjustifiably kicked from the server without warning specially considering no one knew what was happening till some of us started talking amongst ourselves very rood and disrespectful to any player base/community to do what you just did ACTUALLY
    Here ill do your job for you and give you a good idea go post this new discord link on Facebook LH page and announce that its shutting down if anyone wants to stay in touch with players they should join the new DISCORD which aleh is providing
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    Default Sad times

    I don't really understand what his deal is, i know some people don't care much for the game anymore but even then that's messed up, hope the Resurrection goes well and screw em, the games got a closer community then any iv played at least, lets keep it alive in some way shall we

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    Default Shady here

    Some players have literately grown-up playing Lucent heart and felt welcomed by the community on the discord server!

    The action that was taken is shocking to realize that they went that far for a game like mentioned was run by the community and neglected by the developers.

    Neither less I have made amazing memories with this community and made real good friends ^^
    I will stick here till the end and I wish it wont be soon.

    I joined the new Discord and I hope many more will as well ^^

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    Default Nostalgic

    So while feeling nostalgic and wanted to do some reruns of the past, I found an active post here and a discord. Thanks for letting us in it seems like a very good timing for a return and a community visit.
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