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Thread: [TUTO] A best tools for Ace Online

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    Hello, i have found one tools for you.

    You can have drop, percent drop, where drop, map ... and many tools

    But missing info of version 4.6.

    Now tuto :

    - 1 -
    : Download the file N°1 -> Click Here

    - 2 -
    : Download the file N°2 -> Click Here

    - 3 - : When you have finish and have all files click on the file 1 and extract.

    - 4 - : When is finish and file are extracted click on the file acedb_2.0_setup.exe and install, don't forgot to check directX and VC runtime else a tools don't work.

    Source :

    THX for have a read and enjoy
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    This is a nifty piece of software, I used to use it to dig around in game files during maint when i first found it a few months back. Shame it's no longer updated with the game...
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    Yes i know, but for drop is good and other

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