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Thread: Weekly Maintenance for January 14th will begin approximately at 11:45 AM EST

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    Default @Zen
    btw, bann Santas and Snowmen and Essence of Aging, but keep EXP event running for another week.

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    Exclamation Message to GM/Subagames

    With GM TeriakiExpress on the leave, we'd like to have an active GM on discord as our community communicates through this platform. GM ZenDragoon please join our community as the game is lacking proper care or any long-term solutions to fix bugs.

    You are more than welcome here:

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    Default Close Server Forever .!!!

    Plz close this **** game , we no have fun .

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    Santas and Snowmens killed the joy of 1 week exp event by atleast 50%.
    So to compensate that I suggest to extend exp event by 1 week, as event calendar promised 2 weeks of exp event anyway.

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    Default Kool

    dose maintenance effect logging in to the server ????

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    Angry We need help

    Quote Originally Posted by ZenDragoon View Post
    Weekly Maintenance will begin approximately at 11:45 AM EST. We'll notify players once maintenance has concluded.
    we need to eliminate snowmen and saints. since they are for a long time and the places to leviate are damaged due to it. XP4 should continue as promised in the calendar of events. otherwise there are people who have 1 month without answering their tickets just like me. We need you to answer our tickets as they are important to continue playing our favorite game.

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    Sir when are servers coming back online... This is when i get anxious and my thoughts get dangerous... whats up?

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    I'm agree, the events are ruining the game. Imagine ou download a mmorpg good looking, you create a character and, bam, you get one shot 6 times before killing a hopy. /uninstall
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