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Thread: Lvl 36 Class Change Dungeon? :<

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    Unhappy Lvl 36 Class Change Dungeon? :<


    I've been playing this game solo for the past 2-3 weeks and I finally reached level 36 to change into my second class. However, I noticed that the monsters there are way too difficult to actually solo or even do with a party of two (Knight and Priest). So I'm assuming that this was supposed to be done with a party of like 5 or 4 at least when the server was active back then. If so how did some people actually get past this dungeon without a party? Is there a trick I'm missing or a specific item I need?

    Btw I've already crafted lvl 35 equipment and used a couple of cards, but even just a single mob it's pretty hard to take down so I can't imagine handling the locusts even with zodiac armor.

    Thank you.

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    There are some dungeons and quests that you will need to go as a party. I can give you a hand if you're struggling to complete your job change quests. Just pm me if you need it.

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