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Thread: if you play roblox

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    Thumbs up if you play roblox

    Resetsu_mugashi- If you want to join the "Elite shadow clan" plz go to or friend diamonboio8YT (the requiter) he might be annoying sometimes but just manage until I get back on.
    diamonboio8YT: oui ya boi diamond is here anyone wants to join the clan plz friend the leader Resetsu_mugashi to let her know you are in the clan! If not she'll be angry at me!
    Mayla_mugashi-plz plz join the clan cuz were in need of members at the moment.
    Uppeddaisy201- achem uppeddaisy here I'm the sheriff od=f the clan and don't use the B-word in front of the leader or there for shell kick you out of the clan!

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    Its very fun!! I love this game. You get to have friends, and max 200 friends that's good so you dont have to many friends, their has to be a limit. There are thousands of games you can play, but some of them cost the in-game currency (Robux). It also has aloads of history, for example Annual Bloxy Award. The best I like is when there are challenges in different games. So its not just a kind of arcade. Also very challenging.
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