So I try to play with multiple accounts using multi pt. I don't macro anything, I just set my prs and ks off to the side and vl and hv my fs and then go back to him. I got multi pt years ago after some help to get it working. My problem is that, now I can get 2 windows to work when I first open it, but if I try a third one, the first screen either freezes up or goes black. The same issue happens if I've been playing 1 screen and try to open a second one after a while. I'm trying to find out if anyone knows if there's some update that I need to get or if there is a new program that everyone else is using or is it possible my old sand-filled laptop just can't handle it anymore? Really hoping it's not the latter and I feel like if it was, then I wouldn't have ever been able to successfully use multi pt in the first place. Any hell would be tremendously appreciated and thank you to anyone even taking the time to read.

<3 Piety