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Thread: Reporting 3 new Bugs that occurred recently!

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    Default Reporting 3 new Bugs that occurred recently!

    As topic says, PT community noticed 3 new Bugs that occured since yesterdays Server Crash...

    1. Dropping any Item on the floor, makes them disapear.

    2. Using Monster Crystals, doesn't summon any Monster.

    3. Activating Big Head Potion or Sheep Head Potion, doesn't amplify your Attack Power, yet the Potion is gone anyway.

    get good and fix those Bugs @Suba!!!

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    All 3 glitches is confirmed.

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    Post Additional bug

    Whenever I buy Special Mana Potion, I get disconnected from the server

    Please fix that too @Suba

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    afaik Special Mana Potion shouldn't be there. It's a leftover from another game version and there's nothing programmed to happen when you click it, so you get disconnected. They should just remove it from the shop.

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    I noticed today that crystals are now working and that dropped items don't disappear -- can't speak to the sheep or big head pots, though. Thank you for fixing these things.

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