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Thread: How do I get my item restored? Crashed while aging +5

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    Default How do I get my item restored? Crashed while aging +5

    I've submitted a ticket but they don't seem to be responding to tickets these days? Or how long does it take typically.

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    Anywhere from 3-5 years

    Suba currently going through office change, Pristontale has no dedicated GM.
    Might take a while...

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    Wow ok --- do these crashes when aging happen often? Or am I just super unlucky?

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    Default Same thing happened to me. Mine crashed while aging +2

    My inferno boots +2 is no where to find in my inventory. How can I restore my item?

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    Default Its a shame

    Well my friend, srry to hear that... i lost plenty of items in Aging and DC's, sent the tickets and nothing happens...around 2 months so far. (ive been listening to that phrase also "we looking for a new GM, office changes, etc)
    They dont care about the game, neither about the players... might just wanna stop playing and look for another server
    good luck !
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