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Thread: Do we have a GM?

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    Default Do we have a GM?

    One of the sticky posts here talks about rules regarding macros. The first thing is botting and use of scripts etc. Are we allowed to just afk in a low map hs and auto attack another character standing directly next to us while we sleep or eat or work or whatever? I read the sticky post and interpreted it to mean that we cannot do that, but I can't remember the last time that I've went to ds hs on awell when puddingprincess wasn't there doing exactly that. Is this something that I can report or is it just something that we are allowed to do even though it's a super crappy thing to do?

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    Please report.
    AFK botting is and has always been against the rules.
    Even the people in the party taking advantage of this abuse can and will be punished.

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