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    Hey all. I have the sound settings all off or at zero volume and yet there are still a few sounds that play, and very very loud. When an SP is deployed, the 10 minute warning before a SP disappears, and mission complete. How can I get these to stop?

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    I think they intentionally do that to alert users, which imo is a bad design. Can't do much against that. One way to go around is turning sound off for specific apps from the OS level.

    For Windows 10 users, right click at the speaker icon under your taskbar (bottom right of the screen) > Open Volume Mixer > Mute ACE Online app.

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    I deleted the sound file for the warnings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BluGan1337 View Post
    I deleted the sound file for the warnings.
    That would be helpful. Which files?

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    He's referring to the op_war_* mp3s in the Res-Snd folder inside your Ace Online install folder. You can actually change those to another sound if you use a mp3 with the same name, although sometimes AO doesn't like the compression of the file.

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