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Thread: MAT Final Announcement

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    M.A.T is still my favorite online game and it is a huge shame for you Subagames to leave the game in it's current state. You guys could've given the game to a different publisher and allow migrate accounts.

    No wonder why other M.A.T versions are still recieving massive patches and we are the only one who has not received a single update. The reincarnation update has made the game more broken.

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    Unhappy read carefully

    Greetings to all since you are not going to work on mat anymore because they do not give away the weapons until the game works as a token of appreciation to us as players put the weapons for us to use those who still play mat would be a genre idea and is a Too bad they won't be working on the game anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alectronas View Post
    Greetings players of M.A.T.

    It is with heavy hearts that we announce today that Mission Against Terror; our prized IP that has made players happy for many years, will no longer be supported by us at SubaGames. All of us here at SubaGames express out sincerest gratitude to our players and those who supported M.A.T. in its prime and for the years since.

    But fret not! This does not mean that the game is shutting down; M.A.T. will continue to exist in its current state for as long as we are able, and as long as player's are enjoying it! We urge all players to enjoy your time in M.A.T. and though some features will not work properly anymore, please continue sending bugs and other issues through our ticket system.

    In addition, as SubaGames moves forwards despite this loss; we fully intend to bring the players of M.A.T. along with us, and so we will be offering special packages to all players who joined use in these many years of M.A.T.'s success. These packages will be available in the near future during the release of our upcoming titles; and we hope that when the time comes, the community that was built up over so many years can stay together, strongly knit, and move on with us.

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    muito obrigado por tudo MAT. fiz alguns amigos nesse jogo no ano de 2011 até 2015, e depois disso todos sumiram. cada ano o servidor ficou mais vazio, mas amei esse jogo com todo o meu coração, teve participação na minha infância e vai ficar lembrado pro resto da minha vida, MUITO obrigado! (eu sou brasileiro).

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    R.i.p. Mat
    Is me... Moshy

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    Lmao a fifth grade class could of ran this game better then subagames & company. Literally if y’all hired me on your marketing team i could of milked way more Hundred thousands of dollars then you got doing $100 monthly patches. With my amazing efforts the tame would of had real updates and we could of even made more money, me and you could of been billionaires by now... smh

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