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Thread: Did the game reset accounts?

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    Default Did the game reset accounts?

    Old player thought I would redownload to see what was up and logging in works fine on both my old accounts but all my characters are gone and it shows blank slots? Was the game re-set or something? Help

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    There was a server merge many, many years ago, but it shouldn't have deleted any gears? If there was a duplicate name, you got a random-ish name and a rename card. Are you sure that you just didn't want to make sure you wouldn't come back, so you deleted your gears? The good news would be that the level would be extremely easy to get back, and the equipment would have been outdated. But trying to catch up in equipment now is nearly impossible, especially with Suba no longer running any events. If you were just trying to reconnect with people, I guess equipment doesn't matter. You could try to send a ticket about it, but whoever is working as GMs now are total novices and can barely handle a regular workload, so I'm not confident they'd be able to help even if they managed to look at your problem.

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