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Thread: A little confusion because I'm new

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    Default A little confusion because I'm new

    so I started playing this after years of not being able to find a server, but now that steam has it Im feel like im 8 years younger again.

    On to the main issue, I noticed today after browsing the forums for the first time, the there a thread to report botting, but my game has a built in bot for grinding? Is this a mistake or has the forum thread just not been updated? hopefully someone can clear up this confusion for me. Also if it matters I downloaded the game from steam so maybe its a bot that comes from steam itself?

    EDIT: No need to reply, Im an idiot and posted this in the forums for the wrong game, if a mod wants to just delete this, thats fine since I can't figure out how to...
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    Default you still playing?

    i want to play luna so bad, yo ustill playing?

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