I've been playing AR for a while and suddenly my launcher refuses to open.... so i gave up AR after trying everything i could think of for a couple of days.

I noticed there was more activity over here at Subagames where i used to play this game a long long time ago so i thought why not and went ahead and installed this version of the game instead. But as soon as it was finished and i was about to open the launcher and play, i get the same result.

I am on windows 10 pro build 1909
amd ryzen 1600x
rx 590 driver 20.4.1

What i have tried so faar:

Rebooted system
Reinstalled the game several times
Tried compatibility modes
Launch as administrator
tried reinstalling graphics drivers
tried reinstalling older graphics drivers

Nothing have worked so faar...
Any ideas?

Much appreciated for any help given at this point.