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Thread: Maintenance for June 2nd has concluded + Patch Notes

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    Default Maintenance for June 2nd has concluded + Patch Notes

    Log in, it's safe.

    -Dragon's Call and Phoenix Song were fixed; they now boost your ASPD as intended.
    -Pink Pitcher Plant's texture was changed to Purple Whipping Grass. At least they don't look ugly anymore.
    -Pet level cap was increased. Possibly lvl 75 pets? JK pets aren't actually getting exp despite having a requirement at 70 now
    -Guild Boss Merchant added. None of the items in it are tradeable as you're about to see.
    -Currency "Killing Pupu Coin" added
    -Trivern Armor and Trivern Helmet costumes added, exclusive to Guild Boss Merchant (can't be traded)
    -Adventurer and Challenger title scrolls added, exclusive to Guild Boss Merchant (can't be traded)
    -True Trial Tower, True Tigerman, Town-God Temple, and Lightning Spirit all have proper guild leaderboards, likely to accommodate the feature. Consequently, this means all of those raids can be challenged as a guild; not just publicly.
    -250% EXP and 50% Drop Rate Bonus

    The Guild Boss System:

    -Each slain boss via guild raids will add to a slain count. The player needs to be within range in order for it to count.
    -You can collect monthly rewards (presumably the Killing Pupu Coin) from the Guild Boss Merchant during the 6th to 10th of each month.
    -If it takes at least an hour to finish a guild raid, no slain points will be given.
    -In order to collect rewards, you must have a slay count of at least 5, are part of your guild for at least 15 days, and before the 17th of each month (due to the grace period assuming it's a 31 day month).
    -Rewards seem to be less than their full potential if you were part of the guild for only 15 days to a month. After that, you should be able to get more.
    -Grace period is 23:30-00:30 (EST?) on the last day of the month. During this time, slay counts aren't recorded for this.
    -Once you claim your rewards, your slay count resets to zero.
    -You will be unable to collect rewards for the month if you leave your guild. This might include getting kicked.
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    Thanks a lot Vei.

    To add about the changelog :

    * New NPC "Guild Boss Merchant" in Eversun City (Player community 2) and new currency "Killing Pupu Coin".
    * Adding 2 new titles : Adventurer and Challenger (both obtainable with Killing Pupu Coins)

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    Other changes :

    The achievement list got a reordering : got some new achievement icons (wardrobe), merging of achievement lists of the same category.
    Master of Ducker is no more an hidden achievement.

    Repeteable instance "Challenge Grizzly Garrison" is fixed. FEJ's aoes now have an effect (same as the lair boss' one).
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