The fast-paced nature of buy PSO2 Meseta the weapon type can gain from the increased Crit chance. Critical hit rate increases by a maximum together with a power increase of 16 percent and a reduced PP intake. This weapon may be upgraded from Novel Dagger +35 at Zieg with 200 FiExcube, 500 Excume, 500 Plamnia, 50 Ultimate Booster, and 10 Diard.

Concerning damage, this weapon isn't the strongest dual saber at Phantasy Star Online 2, though it does rank high. Why is this weapon valuable, and one of the finest at Phantasy Star Online 2, is the Rose Dew ability that is unique. Power increases by 9% at its base level up to 13 percent when entirely leveled. The ability immediately consumes you to cure. This can be even better when combined with the particular capability Medicinal Wisdom which restores PP if a Mate is absorbed. This setup is intended to slightly improve your damage output whilst maintaining you healed and flush with Photon Points. This is great for Phantasy Star Online 2 gamers that make heavy use of things and Photon Arts.

The Forza Stil knuckles possess the maximum base attack in Phantasy Star Online 2 with this weapon type and may be equipped with the Power VI ability for an additional +45 S-ATK. Steadfast Might Lowers your electricity bonus whenever you are taking damage, however if your electricity bonus reaches 14%, it offers you a 40% damage resistance increase, increases PP recovery by 60%, regenerates 20 PP every 10 seconds, and lets you become enormous. This weapon is available through the Puras Collection of upgrades from Zieg.

This weapon is lost by the Ebolion Dragon at par 86 and up. It may include the Battle Hardened ability, which increases power by up to 11%, gives an additional 10% damage resistance, and can make you massive. The issue with this capacity is that if you take damage, you lose 20PP. In addition, it can include the Sturdy Intent ability that gives an additional 4% damage boost if your Guard Ring's element matches your enemy's weaknesses.

Flotea Blade is. It's a base strike attack of 1784 with a maximum of 2408 in +35. It can have the Stamina VI unique ability, which gives an extra 80 HP, which is always useful. Why is this blade a lot of fun to use is your Venusian Beam ability. Power is increased by it up 12% and recovers an extra 5 PP Guard PP Aile is triggered. This capacity complements the rapid playstyle of the Double Blades and Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta helps balance it out with the reduced overall defensive capabilities.