Greetings to all our SubaGames fans!

Today, we are delighted to announce an upcoming SciFi TPS/FPS; M.A.R.S.! That will be debuting in the SubaGames portal shortly!

M.A.R.S. is an FPS/TPS game brimming with creativity and unique features long forgotten in this day of modern AAA games. With an epic storyline that allows players to battle across space and time in style via loads of weapons and novel game modes; M.A.R.S. is the future of the FPS/TPS genre.

In M.A.R.S., you quickly find yourself embarking in the military conflict between The League of Nations and UNITA right after joining the elite squad of the League of Nations themselves. Your adventure truly begins as you find out that unbeknownst to UNITA, The League of Nations has secretly developed the NRC. The NRC Insectoid Robots possess frightening intelligence and brimming consciousness which sooner than not went rogue and became its own faction and created a three-way war. The human world is now at stake, and a battle for survival and supremacy is being waged.

We would like to invite all of you to join us in our journey through space & time. While we are not able to announce the actual debut date just yet, we encourage all of you to stay tuned on the developments of the project by visiting the followings:

Press Kit: Here

Website: Here

Discord: Here

Facebook: Here