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Thread: Is the feeling in the game real?

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    Exclamation Is the feeling in the game real?

    I know a girl in the game, she is very cute. We started just playing games together, and then we exchanged phone Numbers, and we started to touch outside of games. I like her more and more. I want to talk to her all the time. I thought we were in love. There were holidays in between, like her birthday or Valentine's Day. I bought her a gift at LuxuryKelly, and she loved it. Our city is far away. Should I look for her? Will it spoil the present feeling

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    I don't understand anything? Bags?

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    Relax, she is probably a HE

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    I don't play often, but I get a sense of being in the game. A lot depends on your car and the quality of the game.

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    Lightbulb Old knowledge from Tawabashi, the Master of Romance

    Now first things first: if you don't know if she loves you, you gotta find out, and by fiding out it will do change your fellings about her if it is a 'no'. You can keep it going like this, it's cool and enjoyable, but the long it takes, the more you will hurt yourself if it is indeed a 'no'. I'd say up to 4 months dreaming you still recover fast, emotionally, but longer than that sadness and loneliness will hit stronger (if much, always think about the fact that you didn't find your true love yet, and she is still out there looking for you, so keep searching).

    But as you said you guys chat a lot, you will find it soon enough, if didn't already. There is always those lines "a boy that i like at school", "i have someone", "i was on a date with my boyfriend", "i like girls" people always say.

    It also depends on age, if she is something 17- maybe it is not love, maybe just care girls always have. If 18+ probably the reaction to the gift part is decisive to say if she fells the same or not. But if it was a surprise gift it means nothing, no one would say "i hated it", although if it was planned "gonna buy this for you, what you think?" and she goes like "no, no no, don't need" that's worse, she doesn't want to be in debt with you, but if it was her birthday she will think it is totally fine as a friend. Anyway, when one is in love, every action turns into a proof of love. You give her a gift, you can see clearly that it is what someone in love would do. You pass your number, pure confidence you think. But people in no love just see it as a random gift from a friend, a random way to conect with a gaming partner.

    Also remember, usually girls in general tends to be more 'kind' than boys, and boys by seeing this 'kindness' thinks it is love, but it isn't. Many girls act like that, talk a lot, play togheter, even go for cellphone numbers, and then you find she just has a boyfriend or girlfriend, and you be like "geez! but how? romance is dead nowadays". Girls tends to be more realistic, like "not gonna marry a random internet dude far away from me", while boys goes for affection "omg, she is staying by my side for so long, she is looking for love just like me because she is aknowledging i am worth!". And this behaviour goes back to the dawn of humanity, life's nature to blame.

    I know it is sad seeing this way, most of times it is like that, but that doesn't means it is just that and we give up, sometimes it isn't, few times, rare but happens. And we can always wait her boy/girlfriend to be gone for X reasons in the future, and we can persevere treating her well so one day she will recognize our value. Indeed we can, just time consuming but it is a way, or... we can find another one as good or even better, which i tell you it is easier than most people think.

    People want to be loved, to protect and to be protected, but like many other animals, as a peacock for instance, they keep judging themselves as not worth until someone validates it for them, keep showing colorfull feathers and what they got worth, caring, loving, values, and this is so tiresome when the 'no' happens that people get really anoyed by it as "all the effort for nothing, i am not worth, why". But it isn't hard to find someone, tons of people want to start relationships, it's like food and water for humans, they need it. And that is the point you chose if you want to stay inside the system or get out the matrix.

    This big nature system which makes you fell all this trying to prove yourself, for someone to care. It doesn't mean you must fight it and go opposite way, but you need to be smart and proud of yourself first, before someone to do so with you. Less of "please love me" and more of "what i have to offer in all aspects, and what i want to get to be happy" (which is more effective on a logical strategy manuver). Let heart deal with romance, no, let brain, and brain asks "is she single, open for relations? what she likes on a man, is it values, honor, creativity, fun? and if i be like that, naturally, does she got what i want? is she like this, this and that for me? if i change will she change for me? if someone better appear i'd trade?". Think on the long run, years, love means years, no fast food.

    But back to the topic, last resource would be asking directly "do you fell something for me?", but i'd suggest you to drop some hints here and there like "oh, beautyfull day, i had a weird dream about we dating", or "i am felling sad today, sometimes i fell alone like nobody loves me" and watch her answer... hmmm... maybe more subtle and discreet, but you got the idea, find if she got someone already and, if single, finds the feeling for you.

    Assuming you guys are both in love, all easy. Ensure by all means (voice, video, proofs) she is not lying to you about who she really is (like others said, she could be a he who loves free gifts). Take some time on this, like, weeks or 1-2 months making sure.

    And even if you are grow up, always tell someone you trust (like family), when you going to meet her in real life. Just to be 101% sure someone can help you if anything happens like stolen wallet or missing kidney next morning.

    The old fashioned "dating a friend of a friend, someone from school, workmate, etc" still works as fine but tons of people meet online by the weirdest ways and it is a totally cool option for relationships, maybe even better than proper relationships sites because you meet doing something both likes. That is a good start.

    But take your time, know each other more, talk a lot, what likes, dislikes, about family, house, pets, age, what you want to do for life, have you ever dated someone, those stuff, and talk about everything, even simple things like "what is your favorite colour?".

    It is a big deal if you meet and pooff, she loves cats and you didn't even know, or you never said you had tatoos on your back. Good houses need proper foundations. No fear, if you hide things a massive snowball of problems will get you later. Only a few good things you can hide for your own safety, like beeing rich. Do not tell her "ok i am a lot rich, my parents have much much money". Everyone loves money, thats not true love, gold blinds dragons and people. Those good stuff tell later cuz it means no harm.

    After all the talk, if interest is still there basically things will just flow without much work. But don't fool yourself! There are habits you can deal and habits most people can't. Don't go like "she said she likes to smoke, drink and party, and i don't do that like never, but maybe we have a chance if i love enough..." you need to be realistic about what you can respect on her and what she will not change for you.

    The city distance problem can be dealt with, even country distance, but mostly with age (older is easier to solve, younger means wait til you get the ways). You guys clearing out your own real intentions, compromise and stuff, can't see any problems.

    And then 2 important rules of Love:
    1) Soulmates do exist, but not only a pair, actually you can find the paradise of a perfect loving life with at last 100,000 more persons which combine with you in the world. There is not "this is my only chance". Keep searching, and improving yourself to make it easy. Until the age of 35 is easy, after that you need to speed up cuz almost half time is gone and human genetic is a witch.
    2) Don't go all for "must buy a gift!" thing. The worst long time relation you can build is the "paid" one. A gift here and there is cool, but do more things like cheap and simple but romantic and meaningfull. Put your vital energy direct on it, even if it is silly or not perfect. A lot more sentimental value has a homemade wooden small sculpture of a one eyed bird, than a perfect statue of her made with diamonds bought from someone else paid to craft.

    For the end, keep in mind Love, in the best scenario, which is the normal one, works like this:
    1) At first is amazing, your reason to open your eyes everyday and smile. Power to do anything! She is perfect, and i hope so much she loves me. Would do anything for her. People must know i love her, i am proud of it, no shame.
    2) It keeps going like that for weeks and months, maybe some years.
    3) You start getting used to it. (usually when living together)
    4) Some more time and it is just normal, but you are happy anyway.
    5) Fire starts getting low...
    6) Yeah, you are bored now, she is not that cuteness anymore, you changed too, normal life.
    7) At this point you must act to prevent all to end, kinda after 6-10 years from the begining.
    8) You guys find yourselves again and nothing is the same but kinda better somehow, all good, rejoice.

    Love is overwhelming as eating a spoon full of sugar and honey with ice cream. Amazing to eat only this in the first week, but know that even candy can get to much sweet after a while, and that time is the problem for most couples. When the butterflies are gone and magic is over, people want more and the first idea is "gotta find another love, mine is broken". That's not how it works, you can't buy another pet because your dog doesn't wanna play anymore. You can't find more 'sugar honey icecream' from other person because yours is over.

    Everyone can start a job, college, maraton, but to finish it is the real challenge. Thats why you must start relationships with a solid base, later on every couple get some storms to deal with. Sometimes is impossible to reach end, but most times just need some efforts from both to keep going.

    My apologies for the bible, have a potato:
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