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Thread: Avalon Guild - Summer Event from July 4th to August 30th

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    Default Elder

    Another run of elder is done Screenshot (8).jpg

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    Default Elder

    Screenshot (9).jpg Here it is

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    Default Elder

    Screenshot (12).jpg Here another one

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    Default Elder

    Screenshot (13).jpg And last one

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    Default done ddale

    IGN : Shinn 24.07.ddale.jpg

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    Default 01.08.2020 done ddale

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    Default Elder

    Screenshot (17).jpg There it is!

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    Default Sorry Ersty ????

    Hi Ersty, we talked about in guild chat tonight, see how you feel about the time stamp. No pressure to except it. But now I know what time my time is your time for cut off.IMG_3128.jpg
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    Default elder



    ddale and ec elder

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    Default Event is now over!

    Thank you to all the participants <3
    PS. I don't know how to close a thread xD

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