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Thread: Avalon Guild - Summer Event from July 4th to August 30th

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    Default Avalon Guild - Summer Event from July 4th to August 30th

    Please submit your screenshots here.
    Don't forget to get the current time in it! (/realtime)
    Good luck all!

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    Default IGN: xKuroRabbitx

    IGN: xKuroRabbitx


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    Default Elder

    Here it comes
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Default Elder

    Screenshot (3).jpg Here it comes elder quests

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    Default forgot snap real time

    i done ddale elder .. since i forgot to snap the time , i search back the record. domo.jpg
    ps shinn here
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    Default 2nd ddale done

    here the pic

    ign : shinndone ddale.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeatriceacOtPu6 View Post
    Here it comes
    I can't see the current time on this one Anya. But I think you got it on the next one right?

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    Default EC & DDale elder quest done

    Ign shinn
    date : 19.07.2020

    finish ddale and ec elder quest
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    Default 21.07.2020 done Ddale

    IGN : Shinn

    done DDale 21.07.202021.07.jpg

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    Default Elder

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