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Thread: Inventory's password Issue. Help?

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    Exclamation Inventory's password Issue. Help?


    As the title says i've a problem with the inventory's password.
    Basically i've logged into the game after a long time and i cannot remember my backpack password, sadly i didn't write it down either so i am pretty much unable to play because of it.
    You all would say "start brand new", but i had stuff bought from the item mall in the inventory so...yeah. Would really like to recover my account.

    I have already sent a ticket. But no one has answered yet. Is support still alive for this game?

    Looking around the forum i have found this:

    here is being said that to recover the inventory password i need to press ESC, go to the Other tab and then Password on the bottom left of the window. It says i need to write a Security password under the 'Original password' option.

    But the problem is when i enter the Security password it gives an error which says: Wrong old password. Failed to update Password!

    Now i would like to know what i am supposed to do cause, i've tried writing my account's security password as the thread said and i am 100% sure it's correct but it still won't let me change the password?

    I've also tried writing my main password i use to log into the game but doesn't work as well.

    The fact that it says wrong old password makes me think i have to write the old inventory's password instead, but if i have forgot it, how am i going to be able to recover it?

    Is there really a way to recover the inventory's password or once it's forgotten, the account is lost to oblivion?

    Would anyone kindly help me please?

    If anyone of the support's member or GM would help me out it would be wonderful.

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