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Thread: Unable to connect to server

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    Cool Unable to connect to server

    Hello GM

    Haven't been able to get into game since last week; every time I try I can get to login but goes to err unable to connect to server; the server status on site shows all offline...any update would be great!!

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    Default still unable to connect

    To all the folks who have viewed my anybody able to get in?? is there a workaround I should be using? Thanks!!

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    Same dude, I cannot connect.

    Suba must have taken the servers offline.

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    Default Communication

    To all that are wondering what is happening. Due to the immense hacking in game Suba have finally decided to take the servers off line until a fix is in place. Before you ask "how long will it be down for" no one knows how long it will be and all we are told is "rest assured we are working on an all encompassing solution for PT1"

    You would think that someone from Suba would have posted this in news and announcements on their very own forum. I guess this goes to prove how bad at communication Suba is. To those of you not on Discord the below messages are from the GM since the hacking situation started.

    GM Alectronas07/13/2020
    Any players promoting or participating in the hacker's antics will be permanently banned without question. Players who have already gained items from this hacker will have their items deleted and be looked into.

    GM Alectronas07/15/2020
    As an update to the recent hacks we’ve all experienced, please rest assured that we are working with the developers to provide an all encompassing solution as soon as we can. We are confident the solution in development will resolve the issues experienced.

    We appreciate everyone's patience and support during this time; we’re aware that players have been impacted by the recent events and will determine a plan to address any potential losses once the current issue is addressed.

    In the meantime, please be reminded that any players that knowingly partake in these hacks or related activities will be permanently banned. Furthermore, beyond an in-game permanent ban, we reserve the right to take any and all necessary legal action against individuals and organizations that have knowingly broken our Terms of Service.

    We appreciate everyone’s patience, and thank you again for all your loyal support. We are certain that brighter days are ahead.

    SubaGames Team

    Hi All! As you all are aware. We are currently working on an all encompassing solution for PT1. We apologize for the issues that all have experienced. GM Alectoronas have stated in the recent announcement our stance on the matter. As such, I won't be repeating our stance here. Please be advised that the PT1 server has been temporarily shut down. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. Rest assured brighter days will be ahead. Thanks everyone for your loyal support and patience

    DailoYesterday at 2:57 AM
    Hi all, we know you are all looking for a ETA on actual dates. We are not yet in a position to confirm the resumption date but rest assured we are working closely with the development team on a solution at this point. We know you would all like actual dates. We will update again once we are able to confirm definitive time frame.

    I guess the next update you get will maybe be from a GM or Suba Games employee or you could get lucky and get me again. Anyways, take this time to enjoy life and I'm sure someone will update you all when the game is fixed.
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    I would be in the discord but their admission steps are counter intuitive and counter productive.

    Plus Moderators asking for more information than a PICTURE OF MY STATS AND NAME IS NOT ENOUGH PROOF, then whoever runs the discord channel seriously needs to revise their rules for joining and make it easier or get rid of their current discord moderators. I refuse to give them more information than my screen shot of my character name and stats.

    The Suba Games GMS should be professional and post on these forums first before posting on a F**king discord channel where half the player base or more is not members of.
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