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Thread: Mirror Quest 7 Bug

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    Default Mirror Quest 7 Bug

    I somehow got a bug where my reinforcement 3 list that's supposed to pop up in my inventory did not appear into my inventory.
    After leaving the mirror I clicked on it again and it just gave me a reinforcement material not met. but didn't give me what I needed to get to complete the list.

    I went to the royal aide to see if I can get the list out of limbo and no luck. Please help. I did send in a ticket for the bug.

    Ticket for GMS: TicketID=6398235
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    If anyone else has experienced this please let me know.

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    Default gonna help you

    I think this bug is unfixable yet, wait for the update. In the meantime, visit to play pokies to spare time. It's an amazing way to spend some time and earn a great amount of money. I myself do this every day and I'm happy and rich now

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