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Thread: Magic Defense Buff Feedback

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    Default Magic Defense Buff Feedback

    This thread is for allowing players to provide feedback in a public space about the most recent patch so I can gather them more easily:

    Specifically, the part where three bosses have had their magic defense value increased.

    To keep the thread as clean as possible, please avoid delving into replying to other people's feedback. Do that with each other or on the discord.

    If something is perfect, it doesn't exist. Therefore, we need to face reality and set expectations accordingly.

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    Honestly the mdef buff wasn't /as/ bad as I was expecting it to be, if you fully pill. I'd be neato if we could only have to use the power stone and a spellpower scroll to cap matk ;o;

    What should be looked at is another aspd buff. The buff to dragons call was a great step in the right direction, but aspd is still no where near as good as SS.

    All out Assault: This is the bread and butter skill of, and while it's great to level with, it falls off HARD when it comes to raiding. Level 1 cfury gives more attack than AOA so just from that standpoint cfury is already better(aside from that aspd nuke).

    My suggested buff is for AOA to give an additional normal attack damage buff similar to Witch Doctors Martial Hex. The % value given could either scale or at level 10 it gives x% normal attack damage.

    Concentrated Fury: this skill has a huge damage amplifier and can easily give you 3k+ attack at level 10, the downside is it lowers your attack speed which is a fair compensation for the huge stat boost it gives

    My suggested buff for Cfury is to reduce how much attack speed each level lowers. I believe it gives -.6 attack speed per level(but i'd need to double check) now, if we reduced that by 10% each level I believe that it would be easier to get 18+ attack speed with level 10 cfury

    Aim: this skill couples with cfury perfectly, however the time it lasts at level 10 is less than 2 mins. While that's perfect for smaller raids, larger raids such as the tower raids, tgt, and lightning bird generally tend to last more than 2 mins unless you're doing speed raids.

    My suggested buff for aim is to increase it's active time from 108 seconds > 180 seconds. While that seems like a large jump, if we used it on a blademaster it'd last closer to 160~ seconds, which most tower bosses die around the 3-4 min mark so the timing would be pretty spot on.

    Agony bug: this was such an appealing skill when leveling your WD as aspd, but it serves zero point past leveling.

    My suggested buff for agony bug is to make the buff apply to raid bosses, with reduced about from 300% normal attack damage>100% normal attack damage. I think this would be a great tool to improve aspd damage, but I also think it would be super busted so this is more of a greedy suggestion than an actual suggestion

    Raid bosses in general: they tanky and really only SS preforms well here due to magic attacks being elemental and most raid bosses having an element, and their RIDICULOUS block chances. It makes it hard for any other dps to reach the same damage they can do

    My suggested buff for raid bosses is to lower their block chance. While this does virtually nothing for mdps and SS, it would be a tremendous boost for aspd, even if none of the previous suggestions were applied or used.

    Exiled title: this is just a ridiculously good title that is good for everyone and should be more available in form or another

    My suggestion is for Exiled title to be put in VIP Ying Long for 2000 raid tokens (qq), OR stick Exiled in the item mall for a limited period of time as tradable. I think putting it in the vip Yinglong would be a better option because pay walling such a great item would be seen as unfair, BUT it would be great revenue for the company especially if it's made tradable.

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    MDPS nerf is fine and completely reasonable. Nice job!

    As Jai stated above, ASPD still underperforms compared to skill spam (SS) in the PDPS department. His suggestions are good, but if you incorporate them I say incorporate at MOST 2 of them, ideally 1. ASPD requires far less effort and resources than SS does, and at the moment is actually pretty comparable to SS. ASPD already does more damage than half of the SS population, assuming equal gear. Giving ASPD 1-2 buffs would put them at a good spot where they're at the very least 9/10 the damage of a top-rated SS with 1/2 the effort and resources.

    I agree with Exiled being obtained for 2000 raid tokens, implement them into Guild Raid NPC or via IM. It's been far too long since Exiled has been obtainable and many players have since come back/reached the point where Exiled would benefit them.


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    Nerf is warranted, reasonable, and fair; even if it's a bit unfun.

    I get the sense that the idea behind it is to drive players back towards some semblance of teamplay for these raids, which is reasonable. These are exclusive raids, they shouldn't be easier than Western Tiger and Lightning Spirit (which is still more annoying). That being said, a lot of people these days would rather not play than play w others so maybe this isn't good for the longevity of the game, idk.

    BUT, it was pretty obnoxious that we could solo/duo these raids in 20 minutes with minimal effort. I only just started playing again and after gearing up my MDPS I've been able to abuse the rewards of these raids daily, I don't think that should be a thing. The raids (when they didn't slap you with crappy RNG) give very lucrative rewards for the very little time investment they commanded, which doesn't seem right.

    If we're asking for stuff in this thread, please give us Exiled.

    If we're asking for QOL in this thread, please give us more hotkeys and fix hotkey bug where pressing F-keys and clicking the hotkey bar at the same time mess the hotkeys up.

    HBee knows what's up, QOL is what we care about the most. (Inventory slots and bank slots kinda troll, pet slots reasonable)

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    Default Feedback for patch?

    I suppose I'll share with the community what my role in this has been.

    As a player that quit a few years ago for garbage EXP requirements, I would periodically check in on the game and saw we get EXP boosts every week, so I started back last year-ish. The first thing I noticed was literally everyone on one job: Wizard. After building my character up with gear I made incase I started back, I looked into what the "meta" had turned into. Wizard subbing Dancer and Shaman while wearing...Heavy Armor...?

    After building my main jobs to 75, I wanted to see a change because no one showed initiative to change anything. At first I reported minor bugs and wanted to change magic and bring it down a peg, but that wasn't such a good idea, so for a while, I focused on how to make the weakest role, ASPD, more viable. I suggested to change Ao's Shell to reduce Normal and Skill damage taken instead of reducing your own damage given, Tianlong's Cloud to 7% and suit Lv. 60 & 70 Clothing suits to 10% to make it "worth the effort" to craft (but Lv. 60 suits didn't get applied.) and reducing Alloy Plate/Blade requirements.

    After that, and finally able to solo basic raids again, I noticed the super-annoying factor that all ASPD users can see on any monster: BLOCKING!

    I then suggested an idea to lower block rates for specific raid bosses which they were, but as you can see, it's not enough as I've tested it multiple times and get, at worse, a string of 20 or so blocks in-a-row, still.

    My reasoning for wanting to see change is questionable to others, but I wanted balance and everyone to see that there are other jobs besides Wizard, encourage teamplay because this is an MMO. As I observed, players would instruct newbies to focus on magic, which they would. They would level it, work on crafting an Artemis Set, level other jobs, see they don't perform anywhere close to magic, cap out gear and eventually get bored. There's so much more to do that focus on one category of jobs.

    Rather than myself and a couple others throwing serious suggestions out, I think a "Feedback Thread" like this is more helpful if we can get everyone's input and ideas so we can help the game grow as a community and hopefully keep growing and bring it back to it's old glory.

    Regarding this thread's purpose:

    My opinion is that increasing magic defense was the way to go.

    I've seen some players say that lowering physical defense would be an alternative fix.

    If physical defense for the said bosses was lowered, you would have even MORE players able to solo a raid meant for a party which would equal cash shop items being earned without spending SP, which would potentially mean there's no incentive to buy (as much) SP, which leads to a game being shut down faster. It would temporarily boost sales for job springs like Martial Artist and Hunter, but it would be short-term.

    If a player runs these raids solo, that's over 200 (I think) raid tokens daily they they get to hoard to themselves, including raid loot such as Costume Vouchers, Slay Onyx, Refresh Stones and the big one, Vanity Pets. Raid tokens can also buy upgrade scroll boxes for armor and weapons of each category: Beginner, Medium and Advanced. Not to mention True Weapon Fragments if you really needed a weapon.

    Soloing basic raids such as Tigerman, Crossbone Swordsman, Tricksy Turtle, Fiery-Eyed Jimmy and, if you're geared for it, Black Widow are fine. Rewards from those aren't so good anyways.

    Some changes that could be added though:

    ASPD falls super short here and requires a full team to achieve its highest, unfortunately, sub-par potential. As an ASPD main since AG DoMO, I'm sure most actual ASPD players will agree that your attacks being blocked over and over and over, consecutively is stupid when skill spam and magic are unaffected by it, especially harder raids like Garnet, Placid Towers and Trial Towers.

    Two fixes for ASPD to match up to SS and Magic would be to increase the critical cap (from 33 to possibly 50-60) and lower block rates even further than what they already are.

    Some QoL changes would be nice, such as hotkeys and pet slots.
    With my different setups for ASPD, Magic and PvP, I constantly have to delete hotkey bars to make room for a temporary change.

    Also, as Jai stated, the "Exiled" title scroll would be great if more players could obtain it. If it's not possible to release it or make it easier to obtain, an additional suggestion would possibly be to add a new title called something like "Banished" and possibly powercreep it by making it 6% or more. LOL for sale at Yinlong, as suggested or an Event Stamp Merchant item.


    This is a thread for the Magid Defense change:

    tl;dr, it's alright, I agree w/it. It's not as bad as it was initially let on to be.

    ...but I like seeing suggestions, within reason, being made and would like to see more made in the future, seeing us work as a community more often rather than keeping to ourselves. Remember to thank Zen if you see him wandering the streets (of Eversun City) for all his hard work for not only DoMO, but the rest of Suba's games!

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    Making magic defense of TTM/Headless is completely fine, in my opinion it should be slightly less so you can actually reach max magic attack so you can max out your damage if we'd pill up like that.

    My the biggest concern is Trivern. Trivern was already made out perfectly for everything because mdps/ss would get always around the same damage on this one and it was only aspd that was lacking of dps in this one. Last numbers I remember from Trial tower before update would be:
    Skill spam around 40k dps
    MDPS around 40k dps
    ASPD around 33k dps

    as mdps I used to get average 38k dps on this raid and i saw many ss doing over 40k on trivern so in my opinion trivern should be back to what it was.

    other way to balance huge mdef now is expanding the wardrobe bonus or giving another magic attack vanity cuz i think magic defense is a little high for these 2 with our current posibilities.

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    Firstly, Thank you very much to the Suba Domo Team for making the Raid Adjustment and The ASPD Reform.
    Knowing that you still doing this means you all still taking care to the Game.
    Also, thanks for giving us a chance to giving a feedback for the Raid Adjustment..
    Hopefully there will be more time and space for the player to write down their opinion like this about something that should be fixed due the game's update and Improvement.

    Feed Back For The Raid
    I had tried the raid 3 times before writing this feedback and I personally fine with the adjustment.
    It only need me to pilling up more than my usual run.
    I still could complete the raid same time as how i used to do before the adjustment were made.
    I think the idea of the adjustment is more to stop whoever doing the raid run as a solo which is I think everyone would be agree that the solo playstyle is killing the idea of the Premium VIP raid.
    The VIP Raid suppose to be atleast harder than the other casual raid.

    If We Could Request for The Next Adjustment
    I know that The Lightning Spirit Raid's Chest Reward had been adjusted already.
    But I personally still wonder, Why does the Currently MOST HARDER Raid Doesn't Give any single Raid Token and Guild Reputation Scroll in the reward chest?
    Yes, I know that the Chest Had Adjusted already and We Appreciate it Alot.
    But I personally think, even after adjusted, The reward still doesn't Look Allright.
    I think Town God Temple Raid (which is updated first before the lightning spirit) Still a way Lot better dropping than the Lightning Lair.
    If we could request, please Re-discuss about the Lightning Lair Loot once again..

    Last but not least,
    Thank you very much for reading my feedback.
    Hopefully this Thread get you safe and healthy when you reading it.
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