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Thread: The Unavoidable Deterioration of PristonTale (The Game We All Love)

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    Angry The Unavoidable Deterioration of PristonTale (The Game We All Love)

    I apologize in advance to any contention that may arise from my opinion:

    ~Suba Games is sitting on a GOLDMINE with PRISTONTALE and they haven't even broken ground~

    What the hell is going on these days? The only event any players have experienced is from a "HACKER". Does that make him the ANTI-HERO or HERO?

    Obviously going against the terms of use is a punishable event, in no way am I advocating cheating. However, When you log unto "OTHER" versions of PT you find a badass game, full of awesome updates and events. What is even happening in EPT? I understand you get some extra MOOLAH from hardcore players but do you realize that your monthly income could be multiplied ten fold from some very basic updates?

    When you know this game inside and out (playing since PRE-AOR 2004) and you see GM's Recycled, and the playerbase getting slimmer and slimmer, you have to stand up for the game that you love.

    So, without the stigma of being "opposition" I just want to say clear as day:

    If SUBAGAMES isnt going to move forward with technology like every other PT, then relinquish your rights and give it to somebody who will.

    If you cant even answer basic friggen tickets, c'mon give it to somebody who cares, who has the technology to move this game forward!

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    Sorry to hear, but this is not the prisontale forum.

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