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    Welcome to Panzer Fury, the fast paced tank battle game with Battle Royale, 1v1 Challenge or Singleplayer modes.

    Battle across different Campaigns and Missions, upgrade your tanks defeat your enemy.

    - 1v1 Challenge Mode
    - Battle Royale Mode - There can only be 1 winner!
    - Play with others in the world!
    - Earn rewards each game you play!
    - Requires connection to internet

    Single Player:
    - Play missions, win rewards.
    - Rank Up!
    - Add armour to your tank
    - Improve your speed and power
    - Win or Lose gain XP!
    - Available offline

    You task is simple, to destroy the enemy and become victorious.

    You can easily know more about it from here:
    Here the trailer of the game:
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    The trailer looks interesting. I will give it a try.

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