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Thread: make 80 and lower gears more obtainable

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    Lightbulb make 80 and lower gears more obtainable

    can we fix the gear drops to make them level appropriate?? i think its ridiculous that the only way for an independent player to get gear appropriate items through the leveling content of the game is from the item distributor at certain levels, or purchasing from players. you should make level 50-60 gears drop in the level 40-50 content of the game, the higher level gears (60 in this example) being less common of a drop though. up until you reach level 80, and then tighten up the level of gear.

    i feel like this really turns new players away from the game quickly because of the inability to keep your gear current for your leveling progress

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    It would be nice if the gear distribution was tuned to be a little more reasonable, especially for magic users like Priestess and Magician. While melee classes can simply upgrade their gear at the blacksmith for better defense and attack, magic users seem like they benefit much more from items spec'd to their class. This means you're basically relying on the Item Distribution NPC to hand you new gear so you can afford to survive in higher level areas.

    When the game was popular, the gear distribution might have made more sense to boost the economy. Now with the game in its twilight years it's much tougher to gear up.

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