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    Lightbulb First!

    Hello everyone!! It's a pleasure to start the first discussion on this forum.

    I don't know exactly what to say, but I hope we can do our best, so we can keep this game alive by the next years...

    So... Tell me who are you? Where from? Have you played M.A.R.S. before? What was your nickname? What level do you reached?

    There's so much things I wanna do in this upcoming new server, hope we can do it togheter!!

    By a BR friend
    Mr. Dxy

    (ZMR EME: Kyle0)
    (ZMR AXS: Kycorn)
    (M.A.R.S.: ------)

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    Default beta testing question?

    Good day!

    how to sign up for closed beta testing?

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