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Thread: Anyone else having a very very long time for a ticket to get any kind of response?

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    Default Anyone else having a very very long time for a ticket to get any kind of response?

    I am not sure if it is just me or everyone else is also having a hard time getting any kind of feedback on submitted tickets.
    I have 3 tickets in total with 2 of them being answered after more than 2 months, and the last one it has already passed 2 months and i havn't gotten a response.
    First one submitted 1/9/2020, got an automated response stating that my ticket will be delayed on 1/29/2020, then actual response from a gm on 3/24/2020.
    Second ticket was submitted on 1/11/2020, same thing automated response on 1/29/2020, then actual response 3/25/2020
    The third one was submitted 7/14/2020 and up to now i havn't gotten ANY kind of response not even an automated response.
    All three of the ticket is regarding item lost due to dc, first one during a trade, second and third during aging.

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    Default Just sayin

    You gotta realize its only one guy doing tickets for four separate games.

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    Default a

    You also gotta realize they're only hiring 1 person lol, says a lot about them

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    I submitted my ticket on 20 April 2020.

    When the game was termporary shut down in July, my ticket still wasn't answered.

    When the game was relaunched, my ticket was cancelled dued to "Inactivity" as if GM not answering the ticket was my fault.

    This happened to many players. No wonder why a lot of players don't come back.

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    Yeah I am about to give up as well, bought cash too back then. Just gonna do a chargeback. It doesn't matter if its just 1 person doing tickets for 4 games, I am not asking for them to fix it right away, all I want was some kind of acknowledgement that the gm actually saw and read my ticket, so that I am not left in the dark. Should really put it in their game description that it will take more than 3 months for any ticket resolvement. Wouldn't have spent cash if i knew that beforehand.

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