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Thread: Maintenance for September 22nd has concluded + NEW House Update!

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    Default Maintenance for September 22nd has concluded + NEW House Update!

    Hello everyone, we apologize for the long maintenance but we are happy to announce that we have launched a new patch that introduces a brand new House System! This is a relatively big patch so I have broken it up into two parts. First part is explaining the House and Furniture System and the Second part includes all other patch notes that were included in the update.


    With this system, players can own their own residence and decorate it and expand it to their own liking to give themselves a proper home and level of comfort that they may not have ever felt in DOMO.
    Players first may buy a Private Residence Property via the City Group Residence NPC located in Eversun City at x127, y263. After paying off the down payment, players may then be granted access to their very own home. Once access has been permitted, players then acquire the ability to immediately teleport to their House via a button that is available next to their character information on the Status Screen.

    Once inside your House, it may be empty but we can fill it shortly. You have two stone NPC's at the very corner of the house. The one on the Left grants you access to a Second Floor (Will be available tomorrow) and the one on the right gives you the options to Leave the Residence, view Hidden items, Toggle Designer Mode between Normal Mode, Flooring Setting, Wallpaper Setting, and also the ability to pay off your loan for the rest of the house granting you the ability to expand.

    At the City Group Residences NPC, players can purchase alchemy scrolls with in-game gold that allows them to craft furniture to decorate their homes with. Once in your home, we will explain the following:
    First if you are decorating, you will want to toggle Designer Mode via the Stone NPC in the right corner of your House. Once toggled, you are able to stand anywhere in the house, and clicking on any furniture you have crafted will allow you to place the furniture. It is important to note that at this time, players should have Designer Mode on when placing items because when placed, they will be trapped inside the item (will be fixed in an upcoming date). But if Designer Mode is on, players can then click on the furniture they placed and can move it around the house, rotate it and can click Confirm once they have finalized where they want it to go without getting stuck. If designer mode is off, players will have to log out and log back in and will find themselves back in Eversun City. We are currently waiting for a way to get get around that from the developers so hopefully this shouldn't be a problem for players by next week.

    If players want to temporarily hide items or move them more easily, as long as the player is in Designer Mode, players will then have the option to click on items and Hide them. In order for players to place them again, they need to go to the stone npc in the right corner, click on Hidden Items and then the menu gives the player to freely move around the room. Players then can find an appropriate place to place the hidden item and when they are ready they can click whichever furniture they want that is in the hidden list to place the item.

    Hopefully this properly explains what players can expect from this system as well as how to use it. If this is still confusing, we are working on a video that will be published tomorrow that fully explains how the House system works.
    Tomorrow we are introducing even more luxurious furniture that can be purchased as well as expansions to their house so that players can fully maximize their designs.


    Onto the patch notes! Sorry for all the text but hopefully we don't leave out any details. Please view the following additional patch notes below:
    -Taunt and Mock Monsters effect is increased when skill is upgraded
    -Adjusted the rule for Magic Skill and Physical Skill to make them consistent.?In original rule, buffer of M.ATK was referenced to ATK, new rule now references to M.ATK?. What this means is that in some instances monster’s Magic Skill will change because of their M.ATK value. This also affects the following classes and their skills:
    All Fencer Elemental Attack skills.
    Musician? Sonic Swipe
    Witch Doctor? Bloodthirsty Bug, Agony Bug, Explosive Bug, Liquid Venom, Poison Fog
    Doctor? Health Heist, Heavy Health Heist
    All other job skills that are not listed have not been impacted.
    -Improved all ATK skill effects for Blademaster
    -Improve Blademaster’s Toughen Magic and Offensive Aura skill effects.
    We are also currently waiting for an update on Challenger Title Scroll not being usable, Madame Malachite raid not being able to be done, Wester Tiger Billboard bug as well as fixes and changes to the Lightning Spirit Raid. We hope to have an update that we can test by later this week in time for us to apply it next Tuesday.

    We apologize for the lengthy patch notes and lengthy maintenance but we will also have more to announce by tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZenDragoon View Post
    All other job skills that are not listed have not been impacted.
    -Improved all ATK skill effects for Blademaster
    -Improve Blademaster’s Toughen Magic and Offensive Aura skill effects.
    Zen I think you means Fencer, at most for the 2nd line as it is fencer's skills.

    PS: as a Fencer enthusiast, Sofstar finally made something for us!!!
    *got goosebump*
    Thaaaanks <3
    We felt relieved, SS dun hate us...
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