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Thread: Patch Notes for Oct. 6th Update (Lightning Raid, Light Wings + More)

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    Default Patch Notes for Oct. 6th Update (Lightning Raid, Light Wings + More)

    Please see the following patch notes:
    -Added House Items tab in Item Mall. Some furniture is available for straight use purchase. Some are alchemy scrolls for crafting.
    -Added Vampire Costume sets to Permanent Costumes Item Mall tab along with Halloween costume boxes.
    -Fixed issue with Challenger Title Scroll not being usable
    -Reportedly fixed Lightning Spirit raid issue where drop rate for saly onyx wouldn't drop under certain circumstances. Also increased drop rate overall.
    -Fixed issue where if Floor 2 Chest AOE attack kills a player, it prevents players from being able to progress through the raid
    -Fixed issue where Lightning Spirit Raid Chest was not giving any Guild Reputation Scrolls and Raid tokens
    -Light Wings have been made non-tradeable due to the amount of times that players accidentally discard and lose them. Please send us feedback on this.
    -Western Tiger Billboard is now displaying properly.

    Please do let us know if any of these points aren't resolved as we had difficulty properly testing the drop rates for Lightning Raid.

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    Glad to know the game patches updates on your forum and these would be quite helpful as well. The people who love to play these games and want some upgrades can avail help. Thank you for the sharing that would be a great help.

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